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Hello, Beautiful! As a writer I am dedicated to empowering, motivating and inspiring women and girls of all ages. Through my own journey of improving my self-esteem, I've learned to love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. One way I enjoy expressing who I am is by the way I dress. I no longer feel confined by what society tells me I should wear. That's why I'm so excited about my online boutique! Combining my two loves: empowering women and my love of fashion, has finally come true. You deserve only the best so my goal is to provide you with a variety of amazing products and top quality service. Check out our online boutique above and choose what you love! Don't let fashion define you. Define your own fashion! And remember, find the beautiful within you! All you have to do is believe! - Alicia Emamdee

-Aloha Self-Esteem?

The first in a book series on ways to improve your self-esteem, Aloha Self-Esteem? is created specifically for teen girls and the challenges they face with regards to their self-esteem in our society today. Written as a fictional love story, the book provides ways to help increase self-esteem and gain self-confidence. Told from the main character’s point of view, this charming and quirky story of self confidence, self discovery, friendship and love will leave the reader feeling motivated, empowered and inspired.    


 Jen, a shy and quiet girl of almost 16, is deathly afraid to talk to boys her age and only feels comfortable enough to be her true self around her small circle of friends. Navigating through the ups and downs of attempting to improve her self-esteem, Jen experiences many bumps along the way. Can she improve her grades enough to be allowed to visit her cousin in Hawaii? Will she overcome her shyness and gain self-confidence? What about the guy she has a huge crush on? Will she ever be confident enough to talk to him? Will she ever fall in love? Discover what happens as she tries to empower, motivate and inspire herself to become the young woman she’s always wanted to be.  

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- "Loved it! I have raised 3 daughters to adulthood and I was often frustrated that I didn't have a resource to help them with self-esteem issues that they encountered in their teens. This book was referred to me by a friend and when I read it, I immediately gave it to my friends daughter who is now in middle school dealing with relationships for the first time. The balance between life in school with projects and expectations and the natural desire to form relationships with boys was wonderfully handled in this book. I believe this book is a great gift to anyone with a child or grandchild entering this phase in life. A tool that any young female can go back to reference and one that any parent can use to approach topics from pressures in school to relationships with boys. I really encourage every parent of a young teen girl to buy it. The book is an easy read. The ideas work. Ironically enough I knew the author from High School and it chills me to realize this super shy teenage friend became such a strong woman in adult life." 



-"Great Book. As a parent, I am deeply concerned about the peer pressure placed on teen girls. This book is an excellent tool which will assist them in building self-esteem and confidence. The author managed to keep the interest of the reader by writing the book in the form of a novel rather than just another self help book. This is an excellent reference book for teenage girls in this troubled world. I highly recommend this book to every parent with teenage daughters." -Claudette


-"Satisfaction Guaranteed. This book was written for teenagers but it can also serve many an adult with low self-esteem issues. The story engages from beginning to end and is full of helpful examples to overcome that plague of self-doubt without being preachy. It should be easily received by its target audience - hence the caption - satisfaction guaranteed." -Yeonnie


-"This book is definitely an outstanding guide for middle school students. I work with girls in middle school and everyday I witness the influence that T.V, technology and peer pressure have on them as their hormones go into high gear. The book is extremely realistic and easy for young students to read. I was deeply impressed with the connection the author made to building self esteem by serving her community and bringing along her friends to be part of the process. I believe this is also a wonderful tool for mothers to give advice to their daughters in a non-threatening manner." -Sandy


-"Great Voice. I liked this book. Alicia has a very endearing voice as a teen trying to do the right thing. I think young people can take a lot out of this story and I am recommending it to the young adults that I know. Keep writing Alicia!" -Rudy





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-"I am a niece of Brenda... she gave me and my sister your book Aloha Self Esteem to read. Sorry it took me so long to reply to you about your novel, but I'm happy now that I did! I really enjoyed it and being in High School, I understand the pressure girls and young women my age face and this book definitely does provide advice to individuals who may need advice or something to relate to and to help guide them. I know for me personally I wish I had a novel like this when I was in Jr. High when my self esteem was very fragile. Your novel was always exciting me to want to know what will happen next along with teaching great tips to help individuals with their self esteem. My younger sister... has also benefited with your book, she struggles with her self esteem but as she read the book I saw a difference with her and I saw she was more comfortable in public places. 'Aloha Self-Esteem' is an inspiring book that will enlighten people, I hope you do continue to write more novels, we need more of these types of books in the world! Thanks for reading this!!! :)" -Samantha